Math: It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

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When can you begin talking about numbers and geometry with your little ones? Children as young as 18 months old begin to learn fundamental concepts. They may not develop complete understandings that young, but their little brains are able to begin to think about math concepts.

To help build a foundation, one of the most important things you can do is foster a positive attitude. In fact, according to one survey, about 30% of the American population would rather clean toilets than do math problems! Be careful not to pass on this mindset or any of your own phobias.

Instead, talk about how math is useful and worthwhile and then work diligently to instill confidence. Start during the infant years to build math knowledge and you will indeed raise a math genius.

Activity of the Week

Create, print, and cut out two sets of cards, one with the numerals and the other with the corresponding number of items on it. Mix them up, and then ask your child to match the picture card with its numeral while laying them in order. Using different shapes will help teach geometry, too.


This activity will help your toddler with number recognition and teach one-to-one correspondence!